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There was a time in my Career when..

  • I was missing out on promotions, projects and pay rises.
  • I was working long hours, which was affecting my personal life.
  • I was not able to manage stress, time and emotions.
  • I tried talking to Career counsellors and recruitment agencies.
  • And almost gave up as nothing was working!

Nothing is going to change without purpose action

Then, I found a Coach! My coach helped me identify all the mistakes and factors that were holding me back from progressing. And then, I was ready to learn some cool leadership and career skills that matters. We then created a action plan to take my career to next level. With his help I converted my years of knowledge into a 3 Step system! Using the above 3 Step system, I have been able to:

  • Increase my income by 25% in one year
  • Effectively manage my time, stress and emotions
  • Become the “Go-to” person for General managers in company
  • Have greater self-confidence and better sense of self worth
  • Improve my brand, reputation and attract opportunities

Who am I?

Hi there, I’m Ankit Hemani,CPA. I am a Brisbane based Executive coach and strategist to professionals in Accounting, IT and Finance industry. My goal is to be a strategic brain to individuals in leadership and executive position and improve their skill, expand their minds and rebrand their careers.

Results I've Helped Create

"I really love the hands on practical component to Ankit’s training whereby Ankit spent the time with me to undertake practical components to reinforce the concepts being taught to me. Ankit is a wealth of knowledge and very flexible in adapting the training content on the day to accommodate anybody’s work needs and what will benefit them the most with the training."

Zoya S

"From the second I contacted Ankit to arrange training for myself, I immediately felt comfortable and knew that I had chosen the right person to train me as he was very understanding and helpful with the exact training requirements that I needed. He had a natural ability to coach me in the direction I needed and was very approachable from the get go. I would definitely recommend him and use him again."

Rose T

"I have had only one coach but I have to recognize that Ankit has gone beyond my expectations. It can be explained by the fact that he tried to see all my weaknesses, improving them or eliminating no-value stuff within my approaches in order to advance to the next level in my accounting career. In conclusion, Ankit has been an excellent coach to me. He has made me to understand a bit more upon how to improve my self-image in order to be able to expose it to the market."

Alex G

"Even after having right qualifications and skills, a lot of people struggle to get right job. Sometimes people underestimate their own self and at times they have no idea where to head. Ankit Hemani is the person who not only tells you what to do but helps you achieve your goal in a very short period. His coaching and guidance are so encouraging and motivating that you get energized to push your limit and go beyond box to reach your destination. I strongly recommend to attend his coaching sessions and take his guidance if you are eager to meet your goal. I am looking forward to attend more of his inspirational sessions."

Pritha M

"To be completely honest, by attending just one seminar I felt a lot more positive and focused on my day to day activities. For me, a positive vibe is the key to everything, henceforth, I believe more people should meet Ankit and embrace positivity in all the little things."

Soham S
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